A House Built On All Donations **Video**

Long hours of work being voluntarily put forward to get the Welcome Home up and ready for our second guest. In just a few days we are expecting guest from Illinois. We are wanting to have the bathroom and two of the bedrooms done by the time they arrive. The past  few days have been a scramble to A House Built On All Donations.

We are working on getting all the flooring down, walls and ceiling sorta all at once. We have to make do with what we got to work with, and get done what we can, with the help we get and what their knowledge is. This is a great learning experience for myself, I am mechanically inclined, but have been learning a lot.

Tomorrow is Christmas, over here we will be having lots of food, drinks and working on the Welcome Home here and there. Over the next few days, we are going to be buttoning up the floors, walls and ceilings. To finish, the plugs, switches and light fixtures will go in.

This was just a short update of what has been going on the past few days. Below is pictures and videos.

Insulation installed
Double sink and shower pan getting cleaned and ready for install.
Paul putting up the ceiling.
Plumbing finishing touches.
Tile going down.
Andre cutting some tile.





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