Our Approach

We want to build a community of like minds who have a vision of more freedom in our life. Life is too short to talk about it so we are doing it!

Our Story

Many of us have moved here from all over the country to become more free and independent. We took a risk and are now reaping the rewards. Over 30 people have made the move in less than 2 years. People from Georgia, Virginia, Ohio, Florida, and all over Texas. We have the common goal of more freedom and independence in our life. We have many different people who have all sorts of skills to benefit the community. Trade, barter and voluntary actions building a stronger bond in the community.

Do we all live on the same property?

No, this is not a commune. We are independent people living independent and free, just all in the same general area.  Some people live down the street, some others a few miles away.

We are realists building a community of other realists. Good people with strong principles and values that want out of the cage to whatever degree we can manage. If you see yourself in this description and dream of surrounding yourself with others of the same standards then maybe Texas Freedom Grounds is the right move for you.

Gun safety class.



Gun safety class

Kory teaching the kids the safety of handling firearms.


Involved Politically

Some are involved politically.

Janie and Nancy showing off their shirts. Being involved politically is NOT a must.


TFG Party

Always a good party in the TFG

We are always getting together to have fun and share ideas to further our idea of more freedom.