Adding Variety Of Expertise In The Freedom Grounds

More and more people are heading to East Texas for the cause of freedom. Texas Freedom Grounds is adding a wide variety of talent to the group. In just a little over a year we have some very talented people with many skills to bring to the table. Our goal out here is to have 100 people by 2018, the people that come will bring a variety of talents to add to the area, making Texas Freedom Grounds that much more revolutionary.

I always tell people that I lack skill in many areas which are very important in life. However, I am also very gifted in many areas where others are not. Getting more people in the area with a wide skill range can benefit everyone. Sometimes we may need a electrician, plumber, carpenter, gardener, or organizer. A community that has a wide set of skills, that is like minded, and willing to help is hard to come by, rather almost unheard of. Here at Texas Freedom Grounds that is exactly what is happening.  For example, at one house we have needed a water heater installed and pluming ran. Usually, a cost that would be well in the $500 or more range. Having someone in the area that knows how to do such, it cost little to nothing. Another example, at the “halfway” house we are remolding, we needed to hook up electricity and a breaker box from scratch. A cost that would be near the $800 range, costing us little to nothing.

Working on the garden at one of the houses.

We have a nice size group of people here working hard for each other and the cause of freedom. We have all sorts of skills from people who know electric work, gardening, remodeling entire houses, organizing, marketing, teaching, animal training, veterinarian, cooking, landscaping, lumber, farming, mechanic, military survival skills and more! If the market crashed tomorrow or shit hit the fan, we’re good! I don’t need a bag packed so I can escape somewhere, this is my spot! We have people, supplies and a great spot to hold down when that time comes.

It’s great living in a area where you have people that will help. You can use the trade and barter system rather than fiat money or have to pay taxes. Building a community like this gives a big middle finger to the large corporations, the machine that sucks everyone dry. No government involved, just all free market baby. We are walking the walk at Texas Freedom Grounds, not just Facebooking about being anarchist or wanting to be free, we are actually doing it. This is not a dream, this is not something we are wishing or praying for. It’s people who got up, decided to make a change, put their fears and unknown behind them and start doing something about it.

Remolding the bathroom at the “halfway” to Freedom Grounds house.

We talk to people daily on the phone, E-mail, Facebook who are loving this idea and potentially moving here soon. We are eager to find out what other like minded people are coming to this area and what skills they can provide. With people moving from all over Texas, different states across our country, it shows that ideas like Texas Freedom Grounds are very compelling. It brings people from areas all over for the cause of freedom and a better lifestyle. When you want some freedom in your life and a different lifestyle start thinking about Texas Freedom Grounds.

With my baby calf it’s always a plus to have someone that knows about animals!

6 thoughts on “Adding Variety Of Expertise In The Freedom Grounds”

  1. You’re doing a great thing Kory… Keep up the good work… We plan on visiting sometime… Let me know if there’s anything we can do to help…

    1. Thank you!! <3

      In search of ....
      12/2 with ground electrical wire
      14/2 with ground electrical wire
      14/3 with ground electrical wire
      10/3 with ground electrical wire
      Light fixtures, cash donations or anyone wanting to come help with their hands.

  2. Been awhile since I’ve seen you guys……..and HELLO!………look at what you are doing now!
    I feel proud to have “seen” you start from your humble beginnings, to grow into your current position of blessing. May God bless you and keep you. May his face shine upon you and give you peace. And may your endeavors find infinite fruit…in the name of Jesus Christ.

  3. I am very interested in learning more about your community. Do you have currently, or foresee any plans to build a medical facility on site? I am a registered respiratory therapist (RRT) with a hankering for freedom! I also have a 12 yo son, and hesitate to remove him from friends and family here in NC. I don’t mind hard work of anykind, but prefer something in realm of healthcare, or public health. I have an interest in naturopathy, and would enjoy being under someone’s tutelage in that respect. Meanwhile, I can assist with breathing issues from “cradle to grave” aged patients. My educational background also includes anthropology and biology. So, I could also help out in other areas. Among my work interests to learn about are aquaculture, hydroponics and animal husbandry. Of course, history, politics, international affairs and science (very limited in physics) are other topics of interest to me. Maybe this post could serve as an ad for other like-minded people? Oh, and I’m 46, and single. Take care!

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