Expanding The Welcome Home And Freedom ** Video**

A handful of people have been working together to make the Welcome Home ready to go for our guest. We are expecting this to be ready by February 1st but not later than March 1st. We have three of the four rooms reserved already. One family coming from Miami, another from St. Petersburg and the other from Ohio.

Paul and Teresa working on wiring the house.
Paul and Teresa working on wiring the house.

The past few days we have been making the roof extra sturdy, knocking out some walls to expand rooms and making the kitchen bigger. This house originally was designed like older model houses where the celling is low and a traditional long hallway leading to bedrooms. The Welcome Home is a good size already being 2,200 square feet but knocking out the celling for vaulted ones and knocking down three walls that was keeping the kitchen enclosed will make it seem double the size.

Below is a short video of what we have been doing to the Welcome Home. This house is going to be amazing. It will have multiple uses to help expand our community and independence. Enjoy!


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