Infant Undergoes Skull Surgery for Rare birth Defect (Donations Needed and Appreciated)

Craniosynostosis is a rare birth defect where the skull of an infant fuses together to quickly. Left untreated would result in head deformity, decreased intelligence, as well as seizures and other mental ailments. This little boy went into surgery this morning with lots of prayers from loved ones. We are sending all of our luck to the Stewart’s as well in their tough time.   Every parent’s deepest fear is that somehow, someday, whether it be in an accident or by illness our children will be endangered. It’s terrible to have to go through a tragic situation that most often breaks us down. The will to wake up and start the day is sometimes a chore. So if you can spare a few bucks and help this family, we would really appreciate it, and we’ll keep y’all updated on Little Daxton’s status as he progresses into a toddler and beyond. Here is their Donation Page. I asked the Father, Chris Stewart, How has this new knowledge of this rare birth defect affected you and your family? Do you plan to bring an awareness to this and other birth defects and help others with their dilemmas in the future?  He  emotionally replied: “Yes, this is a rare case, 1 out of 2500 kids get this. I will definitely raise awareness about this complication and help others in the future. We have taken pics and videos of progress since we found out. The surgery went well, however he is not recovering like they anticipated, he is miserable and fussy. There was another kid up here that had the same surgery two hours prior and is further along than Daxton. We have a long road ahead of us, my two other children are tore up about it. They don’t completely understand. I want to help others understand, and talk about this experience in order to help them cope, because the internet has TOO MUCH info. This isn’t finished, and we are still scared of what could happen, we are not in the clear yet.”  The link for more information on the progress, costs, and to help out with whatever you can. 

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