Man Stopped, Detained and Photographed for Having Tattoos *Video*

The Austin Police think it’s legal and not a violation of rights to stop, detain, and photograph a man riding his motorcycle to school just for having tattoos. He requests to call his lawyer and the officer says “No you can’t call your lawyer”. They threaten to take him downtown if he doesn’t let them take pictures of him on the side of the road. They even said there will be no ticket issued and all they want are photos of him and his tattoos. Motorcycle and Tattoo profiling is alive and well in Texas. This was brought to our attention by the Motorcycle Profiling Project.  Here is Austin Police Department’s phone number 512-974-5843.


One thought on “Man Stopped, Detained and Photographed for Having Tattoos *Video*”

  1. Why the heck would he consent to this crap? Police all over this country are out of control! As long as we continue to allow them to do this, they will continue to violate our rights.

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