My Transition To Texas Freedom Grounds

“My family and I are making the transition to Texas Freedom Grounds.

We have struggled all our lives in a system that simply does not work, relying heavily on a government which only values us based on our contribution to the matrix…never getting our head above water, no matter how hard we tried and always one wrong move away from homelessness.

As we began to awaken to the corruption in which we were so deeply entangled, we wondered if we would ever live free in this lifetime.

I began doing my own research and “friending” like-minded people on Facebook, so that I could continue to educate myself, not only about the corruption of the state, but also seeking an answer that came unexpectedly through meeting Kory Watkins.

I noticed his posts about TFG and my first reaction to this whole idea of living free, seemed far too good to be true. And, like so many others, I suspect, dismissed the idea, initially.

But, thanks to Kory’s perseverance in trying to educate the masses, I started to take a second look. I asked many questions, checked Kory’s background out and spied on all his friends.

I came to the conclusion that this was a legitimate movement and allowed myself to believe in the possibility that this was for us…for everyone and that this idea of freedom, unplugging from the masters who enslave us, could actually bring a revolution.

The story gets even sweeter, as I learn that through the generosity of good people, Kory and many others at TFG were building a “Welcoming Home” for those transitioning into the Freedom Grounds.

This helped me believe, on an even deeper level, that this was obtainable. We would only need to worry about getting ourselves there. Housing would be provided as we searched for our own place! What a relief. Now, we can get there, look at properties, find employment and get settled. This was doable!

So, in a couple of months we begin our journey to Texas. This is our destiny. This is our hope. This is my children’s hope.

I am looking forward to learning how to grow my own food. And, eventually living completely off grid.

I am thankful to Kory, his wife and those who shared his vision. I am experiencing with these folks, the brotherly love that has been missing from this world, and I am humbled.”

~Lynn Mayo

(New mover from Miami, Florida)

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