Reasons To Leave The City, Move To The Country And Get More Freedom


Do you have second thoughts about moving to a country location but are not sure of how life away from all of your conveniences would be like? Perhaps in the city you’re close to everything that you are use to, schools, supermarkets, sports facilities or entertainment options. The thought of having to drive a little ways for your groceries may be enough to keep you smack in the middle of your familiarity. A slave that feels “comfortable” will be a slave for life.

However, the trade-off for having to drive a little way to the nearest town is worth it when one fully understands all of the benefits associated with country living.  Move to the country and become more free, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Here are just a few reasons to consider moving your family from the city to the country:

  1. People speak against GMOs, bad food and big corporations, but are they willing to change their way of life to make something happen? If you’re really serious about eating healthy, moving to the country is the best way to accomplish it. The fruits and vegetables that you can get from the supermarket are no comparison for the fresh produce you grow in your own yard. If you already grow a few vegetables and herbs in and around your city home, the scope is larger in the country, and it is limited only by your energy. Besides fruit trees and vegetables, you can have dairy and eggs, too. No more shelling out extra money for free-range chicken and eggs while wondering whether they are actually what is labeled. Country hens can roam freely and live as they are supposed to, and will provide you with superior eggs to their cooped-up cousins in the city. furthermore, you won’t be supporting the big corporations that many speak out against. If you want to go all the way, get a cow, sheep or even goats to provide you with fresh dairy products. Some may say that this is too much labor and they would rather just walk in and buy it at a restaurant or a store. I say it’s way less work than what some make it out to be and I would also argue that work you enjoy is no work at all. It’s relaxing, peaceful and eases the mind. Lastly, on this topic I’ve heard people talk about how the city is a place to get fancy foods and good beers. I don’t think these people have ever been to the country. The country has some of the best, most exotic foods and some of the best beers. Have you ever heard of homemade beer or moonshine? You can find that out here, not at some fancy restaurant off the tap.basil1
  2. The country seems to be safer and healthier for children to roam about and play on their own without constant adult supervision. Out in the country, everybody knows everybody else, and this makes people watch out for each other. People tend to be territorial, and view any new face with suspicion, which helps keep away strangers and prevent random crimes. Fewer drugs in the country and less people doing drugs. On top of that the rate of people that are armed is higher and that helps with less crime, too. Living in the country is overall a safer place to be. You will find people talking about packing a bag and having it ready when shit hits the fan, good luck getting out of the city when that happens, being in the country, you don’t have to worry about that.
  3. When you live closer to nature, you’ll enjoy the physical and mental benefits from constant communion with the natural world. A hike in the woods may easily be more relaxing for the body and mind than a whole day spent at the spa and less costly. You shed your worries and learn to live life at a less hectic pace, taking time to smell the flowers by the wayside. Nature is a great teacher, and your children will benefit from the vast lessons taught by the natural world around them. Homeschool is a blessing when living in the country. Suddenly a herd of elk or deer become not only a topic of conversation but also teachers in nature’s classroom.
  4. This is a big one and the main reason for the article. MORE FREEDOM.Living in the city you have some outrageous laws keeping you deep in the slave zone, especially if you live in an apartment. Some cities have laws that regulate how tall your grass is, how far your bushes can grow, how tall your trees can grow, and so much more. Are you tired of being regulated so far out of your mind that you want to scream? Then move out of the city. You won’t have to worry about how many animals you can have, how loud your music can be, if you’re allowed to shoot your gun or not, what color your house is, what structures you can build, how late you can be outside, or if you can wash your car in the driveway. Some cities have the dumbest of regulations. Some cities even have laws against feeding the homeless and giving them clothing. Furthermore, laws against collecting rain water, banning ice cream trucks, garage sales and even fireworks. Think about this, you celebrate the 4th of July for freedom and you can’t even light a firework unless you get permission from your city. How hypocritical is that? What about laws against burning your trash or starting a bonfire for a party? You can’t do that in most cities. How sad is it that in the city you need a permit to have a alarm on your house and you can get tickets if not connected properly, you can’t have certain pluming or irrigation, you can’t have large special events without permits, you have regulations against door to door selling, rules against mobile homes and travel trailers. One of my favorite things to see in the country you would never see in the city is people using alternate sources of transportation. Try going to the store in a golf cart, 4 wheeler or your horse. Good luck! Without question by just living out in the country you already break the chains of slavery in so many ways. I remember in Arlington, Texas getting threaten by police with a ticket and jail time for simply handing out the Constitution on the sidewalk to stopped motorist. I even remember friends getting told what kind of flag they can fly and what kind of logo they can have on it. The list goes on and on.Country living creates all sorts of new opportunities for people that are not available in the city. Some may worry about jobs in the area or that they are not as well paid as in the city. That may be true but when you are self reliant, have more free time there are less resources you have to pay for in everyday life, like food, gas and utilities. Country living allows you to cut your cost of living and enjoy life more. Out here allows you to be more at peace with yourself, mentally, physically and spiritually. There are many people who complain about the lack of freedoms they have but are not willing to change their slave lifestyle to find more freedom. Life is too short to be stuck in the city slave life working a 9-5 just to pay bills. I say move to the country and indulge in freedom!tfg-docwater

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  1. I agree that the country seems like a safer place for kids to grow up than the city. However, I can appreciate both lifestyles. I think it is good for kids and families in cities to visit the country now and then, and the opposite for country families. I’ve been living downtown for a while now, and I think my next house will be on a ranch, far from the busy life.

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