Texas Freedom Grounds Halfway House

Texas Freedom Grounds is reaching revolutionary status more and more everyday. We are expanding freedom more and more with ideas like buying housing, job opportunities, and adding new movers from all over the country. Texas Freedom Grounds has movers from multiple places in Texas, Georgia, Virginia, Ohio and soon to be Florida. Ideas like this are bulletproof.

Recently, Andre and I released breaking news that we bought a house down the street to help further our cause of Texas Freedom Grounds. This four bedroom house near the lake is going to be used to help bring people to the TFG area for a opportunity, if they need it. We understand that the system has many people in a stranglehold where they can’t get ahead. So, we decided to help release some of that pressure by allowing people to move to the area with no bills for the first month and low cost after that. Our plan is to give people the opportunity to come to the area, get settled in, establish a means of income and eventually find their forever home here in the Freedom Grounds.

Andre working on the floors.
Andre working on the floors.

We have started doing some remolding on the house, adding floors, electric and more. We have had so much help, it’s amazing. Teresa one of our movers from Houston is a electrician with over 12 years of experience. She has started wiring the whole house from scratch. Paul, from Ohio will be here soon to help us lay pluming to get the house in order and ready for people to move in. We have had donations from many people, which we appreciate very much.  Andre and I have spent countless hours already setting up the garden and remodeling the house little by little with the donations that we have received. My wife, our kids and Andre’s kids have been big help, too. We give the kids work for home school projects and for the most part they love helping.

Flooring we put in using all fence panels that were donated.

We have received a ton of wonderful feedback from people that live in TFG and outside friends who keep up with our cause. I reached out to a few people for quick quotes on what they thought of the TFG Halfway house, here’s what they had to say.

-Amy Hedtke, friend of TFG had this to say.  “There is a serious need for inexpensive, high-support opportunities to assist people and families in transitioning from the inherently-dependent nature of an urban environment to the more open do-it-yourself freedom that is commonly found in the Texas Freedom Grounds area. This ‘Liberty Halfway House’ smack dab in the middle of TFG is a creative way to meet that need. I can see others with more land establishing other Tiny Houses, RVs, or remodeled homes to expand on this idea.”

LMayhem Mayo, who is moving from Florida in a few months, said. “When I first heard of the halfway house, I wondered, “Does this get any better?” We are making arrangements to move to TFG in a few short months. We’ve been struggling slaves to a system that just doesn’t work and we are tired. This halfway house is our doorway to a future we’ve only been able to dream about. It is a transition house for the weary. It represents hope for my family.” 

Janie Watkins, who lives in TFG, said. “My kids and I enjoy working at the green house, I can’t wait until it is done and help people out with a place to stay. The garden is looking amazing!”

-Andre Esparza, who lives in TFG, said. “The idea of having people interested from all across the country is exciting. It makes the work I put in worth it to be able to have a place for them to stay, if they need it.”

– Kerry McKennon, friend of TFG had this to say. “Everyone’s second or even last chance at Freedom starts here with a place to lay your head, fresh air, work of some kind and being surrounded by those that feel the same and have your back. That is Texas Freedom Grounds.” 

Electric that was installed by a freedom grounder.
Electric that was installed by a freedom grounder.


This is a very basic concept to help people get out here.

  1. We know the system has people in a lock. How do we help with that?
  2. Make it easy to transition.
  3. No bills for the first month.
  4. Find a source of income which is easy because there are many ways of doing that out here.
  5. Save money. With no bills the first month and a very low cost after that, it’s very doable.
  6. Scout the area and look for your own place to set up your forever freedom home.
  7. Secure your forever spot in Texas Freedom Grounds.

The transition should take 4-6 months which is a very short time to sacrifice for the ultimate goal. There are many owner finance opportunities here in the area as well as other ways of obtaining housing. We have had many people do something similar to this already by using extra rooms that we have out here in the area. For example, my house is a three bedroom house and I use one of my rooms to allow people to transition out here. Now that we have a four bedroom house to do that with our opportunity for growth has expanded even more. We understand that it’s hard to find work out here when you live 2, 3 or even 10 hours away. So the idea of allowing someone to stay in the area while they find a source of income makes it so much easier. That’s what Texas Freedom Grounds is all about, opportunity! Expanding freedom in our life, now!

It’s up to you if you want freedom in your life. You have to go get it! Waiting on government to hand it to you will never happen. Texas Freedom Grounds is ahead of the curve and is a revolutionary idea that will not be stopped. In just a little over a years time we have over 30 people in the area building a community of like minds that is bulletproof. The system is corrupt, the machine is powerful and the best way to defend against that is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is a act of rebellion. So, are you next to join Texas Freedom Grounds?




Showing a few bedrooms and a bathroom in the house. We have a lot of work to do but it's coming along!
Showing a few bedrooms and a bathroom in the house. We have a lot of work to do but it’s coming along!