Texas Liberty Community Remodeling Large House for Families Who Seek the Same

 Since my teens I have always been rebellious, always having that question of why are things this way? Why are we tied down so tight with burdening and costly “essentials”? I was born in the city and was a city lad until 2004 when I had an opportunity to live at my cousin’s mini ranch just west of Greenville, Texas. There, we planted fruit trees, a large garden, and stocked the pond with fish. Waking up everyday without the hustle and bustle of the hundreds of commuters zooming by your house, and the city noise that you’re grown accustomed to just wasn’t there.  So later on financial troubles rocked my cousin and he was forced to move. I was fortunate enough to find a small home on two lots by the lake for $4500 so I jumped the sinking ship and continued the country life. The solitude was nice and peaceful but there was something missing. After 3 years I moved back into the city to be closer to work. I knew that my brother had a 50+ acre paradise near the Red River and I had always nudged him about building a cabin or two on it, and orchard and a large garden etc. After years of brief discussions, it was nothing more than just a pipe dream. So I continued my search for someplace to start a community with like-minded people, and through my staunch activism I found out that a friend of mine that I had done numerous open carry walks and other freedom events with had gotten sick and tired of all the corruption in the city and fled to the country.  Shortly after he and his family were out there I made several visits. I immediately picked up on his vision because I’ve had the same vision myself for several years. He found a house in a little community by the lake, there he started his road to self-sustainability. In his backyard a large garden arose from the Earth, he got some chickens, a couple of sheep were donated to him, I even brought him out a couple of pear trees. So my wife and I searched the area for a place for ourselves to move out there and help build this idea of family and friends who live in an area that share the same Voluntaryist philosophies of more Freedom.  We lucked out and while looking at a gutted and in need of much repair 4 bedroom (that would later be the Welcome Home) house that Kory spotted in the neighborhood. Along came an older gentleman who said Hello! while smiling from ear to ear at the thought of someone taking the time to possibly remodel this house. He told my wife that the house next door was vacant and already livable and gave her the information on it. Unbeknownst to us the lady on the other end of the phone was wonderful and let us move in right away. So here we are, to stake our claim in this little lake community and begin our path to more self-sufficient.  Aristotle once said, “Happiness belongs to the self-sufficient” A few months later we had the hen house, large garden, and fruit trees. Kory and I then put our families together and began to tackle the task of making the old four bedroom house next door livable and open it up for more families who crave more Freedom from the cities and want to get away. A family of three are soon getting on the road all the way from Florida to move into the first room that has been completed.  We have achieved so much so far due to an abundance of donations from a lot of our activist friends, our own families and even money being sent to us from all across the country. Every penny has been utilized wisely and to its full extent, every piece of material is being used on the house or traded for other things that are needed more. We appreciate it so much and give a big thanks to all who have donated to us. We will have a wall of thanks inside this “Welcome Home” and will do our best not to forget to include everyone who have helped us in this humanitarian effort. The funds have began to run dry and the donations of materials have slowed down during the winter. I you would like to help us in our time of need we would be very grateful.  We have an honest treasurer, Anna Esparza (940-301-1604) who also manages a local restaurant. She can accept donations and place them into the Welcome Home account. She has set up a Lowe’s account under the Name “Welcome Home” that can take contributions.  We can also turn Lowe’s or Home Depot gift cards into much needed materials to complete the next three rooms. . Assistance and or letters of support, can be sent directly to the house itself, the address to the Welcome Home is 4305 Geronimo Road. Lone Oak, Texas 75453.  Much love to all who have watched our progress through our videos and Facebook updates and we hope to see y’all at one of our next events. Please check out our website at texasfreedomgrounds.com. We are on Facebook too, kindly give us a like and let us know if you have any questions.

From the west and 2 Apple Trees.
From the front and an existing Pecan Tree.
Welcome Home from the back with raised bed gardens.

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