Texas Lt. Governor Pushing for Gun Registration

In Texas the second in command, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick (R) is ignoring his own party’s number 1 platform for this coming legislative session. The fast talking and quick to change the subject politician is trying to do what the NRA does and just do enough to continue the blind perception of protecting our right to bear firearms. Last year he championed the bill that allowed licensed gun owners to raise their shirt about 6-8 inches to legally expose their personal self-defense tools. He and the Governor smiled and felt accomplished while most gun advocates in the state felt defeated because of his undermining of the Constitutional Carry bill presented by Jonathon Stickland(R). Lt. Dan and other greedy law makers like Larry Phillips(R) who filed his licensed and taxed Open Carry bill last session just sat back and rubbed their hands together warming them up for the federal reserve notes they were about to collect. I questioned Representative Phillips before he even went to Austin last session and he was dead set on allowing us to open carry of handguns BUT only if we paid an extortion fee and got permission from the state. So even though most gun rights activists blamed the failure on certain events, actions, or by the way we marched in the streets for the two plus years prior. Constitutional Carry was doomed from the get go.  Fast forward to today, now Lt. Dan is trying to save face for his upcoming re-election bid in 2019 and be a pro U.S. 2nd amendment public servant by supporting a bill to give his masters a bit tastier of a morsel with a no-cost License to Carry (LTC) bill. SB16 from the State Senate and HB339 from the State House, the passage of this law would eliminate the $140 fee to obtain a Texas handgun license as well as the $100 cost to get a LTC Instructor Certification.  Texas has a Republican supermajority in both the House and the Senate, and with Lt. Dan holding what is probably the most powerful Office in the State of Texas, there is unquestionably no excuse to why the Republicans can’t get Constitutional Carry passed since they overwhelmingly outnumber the Democrats.
So the most powerful man in Texas will go against the Texas Republican Party Platform’s #1 Legislative Priority and not prioritize the passing of Constitutional Carry.
Rep. Jonathan Stickland and Sen. Don Huffines both fell in line and filed Constitutional Carry bills in 2015 but they both died in committee. Recently, Rep. Stickland filed another Constitutional bill this session (HB375). Instead of abiding by the Texas GOP Platform and prioritizing it, Lt. Dan’s focus is on the waving of licensing fees. He is giving the chant “free LTC’s for everyone” which is just more gun control by basically registering all the Texan gun owners that he can.  No cost handgun licenses are just a sneaky way to conduct firearm registration. These tactics open up individuals to record their reveal their ownership of a firearm to a designated law enforcement agency.  This information is then used to enable law enforcement to identify, disarm, and incriminate people just because they are in possession of firearms. So when anything happens on main street they refer to their list and go to the homes of gun owners with the mindset of possible subject already instilled on their mind.
Lt. Dan is blatantly covering up this sinister plan with his fake smirk and his use of the word free. Do we really believe that The House Appropriations Committee will let the State of Texas consume the cost of this latest dumbfounded plan? This was probably a ploy to mask the Constitutional Carry bills and then in the end they all fail. Lt. Dan will then claim that he did something for gun rights and use it in his campaign as a strong 2nd Amendment supporter by saying he tried to do something.  Dan Patrick could care less about our 2nd Amendment rights. He could prove us wrong by prioritizing Constitutional Carry and get the bills to the floor and then make the legislators sweat on whether to vote yay or nay to grant their masters a complete right to self-defense with the unrestricted and unregulated possession of firearms. Then a Texas Constitutional amendment would need to be enacted as well to further stamp out the confusion. Article 1 section 23 states:  “Every citizen shall have the right to keep and bear arms in the lawful defense of himself or the State; but the Legislature shall have power, by law, to regulate the wearing of arms, with a view to prevent crime.” The second part after the semicolon would need to be scratched immediately.  The history and the fat pockets of these gluttonous public servants makes this all but a pipe dream, the relinquishing of the mountains of cash brought in with the LTC fees and renewals is virtually impossible. Omitting the legislative power to regulate the wearing of arms is another pie in the sky.    Here is a Constitutional Carry petition that you can sign, it takes 20 seconds, a name, zip code, and email is all that is needed. These will be presented to the Senators and Representatives again during this legislative session.

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  1. I never liked abbott or patrick, knew they were snakes. I tbink it is time for the oeople to have recall elections, show these politicians tbat lower iscwith tbe peoole

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