The True Roots of American Public Schools is Population Control


Every year around this time millions of giddy parents surrender their children to the local public schools. These tax-funded babysitters provide 12 years, 40+ hours a week of psychological control of your kids by being in attendance 8 hrs a day, being rushed out of their houses in the wee hours of the morning, and having to leave the comfort of home.   A very low percentage of Americans truly understand that our government-controlled education system was founded and designed by power-hungry, authoritarian men with a strong desire to watch it succeed.

These Government-run schools are derived from the Prussian school system that began in the 19th Century.  Horace Mann the former US Representative then Massachusetts State Senator went to Europe to research the Prussian model of public education in the 1840’s. He was in search of a new education model to better control the American students who he said were ‘unruly’ which meant ‘too independent’ school children into more disciplined subjects.  Mann has this as  #1 in his list of fundamental principles  ‘that a republic cannot long remain ignorant and free, hence the necessity of universal popular education”.  Mann is credited as the father of the American public school system, he researched a selection of educational models before being enamored  with and installing the Prussian system. King Fredrick the Great, designed the Prussian system to instill obedience, basic skills, and conformity. He wanted to gain and keep control over his people, and the idea of indoctrinating the populus at a young age was his intent. These controllers line-up and isolate students in single-file lines when walking and sitting with strict educators in individual for-walled rooms pushed a strict hierarchy while intentionally displaying fear. The continued control over the what their subjects do,speak,think,stand,hear,read,write and walk in their neighborhood conformist indoctrination centers. With it’s depersonalized learning and authoritarian oversight it became the easiest and less-costly system as well as it’s indoctrination foundation and to industrialize the educational process. Led by educators such as Ellwood P. Cubberley, they utilized this type of education as a sharp tool for social engineering. “Socialists always think of people as mere resources to be hammered into shape and utilized, rather than as free individual human beings”, Cubberley stated.

Cubberley said in 1917 “Our schools are, in a sense, factories in which the raw products are to be shaped and fashioned into products to meet the various demands of life.”

They built an industrial slavery-type schooling model that was designed to produce millions of workers for Americaʼs factories, using the collectivist uniformity and hierarchy of the Prussian system.  “Its pupil goes forth at the proper time as a fixed and unchangeable machine.”Johann Fichte

With the Belief that most of the students in America were bound for a lowly life of steady industrial labor, when the best and brightest were delicately made-ready for higher positions. Our present schooling system is running along with the Prussian system of  isolation, fear and continued monotony, for students and teachers. Innovation is ignored for ‘following the agenda’ collectivism and conformity instead of individual expression, followed with control over empowerment.
Whenever someone questions the government-run school system they are almost always accused of opposing education itself.

The Prussian educational program aimed to expel the family and church from the education process, ultimately trying to reach these five primary goals.

1.Obedient workers for the mines.
2.Obedient soldiers for the army.
3.Well-subordinated civil servants to government.
4.Well-subordinated clerks to industry.
5.Citizens who thought alike about major issues.

To understand the reasoning for this is very simple, the presence of independently educated individuals were a ‘thorn in the side’ to Tyrants. At the time Prussia’s Frederick William I along with France’s Napoleon Bonaparte instilled this indoctrination system to create a controlled state that was very powerful. With other Rulers, Dictators, and Kings’s adopting the system too it was utilized all over Europe and Asia.


The American public was the next to be convinced to enact this obedience program, and all in the name of equality for the children. So they introduced it to the states to provide a school system to ensure a uniform education for all the kids. A ‘free education for all children in public schools’ was also preached unbeknownst to the states, parents, and students, that this was straight from the Communist Manifesto. The main goals of this system was far from individual intellectual thinking but to program these young students for subordination, obedience, and a life on the collectivism conveyor belt.
German Philosopher Johann Fichte was quoted as saying “Schools must fashion the person in such a way that he simply cannot will otherwise than what you wish him to will”
The supporters and defenders of state-run education are still to this day are misinformed that this system was adopted because the American people wanted it, which is completely untrue.
A list of protected Rights are also infringed on the students who are signed into Government Schools:
6th Amendment, (Right to a Trial) Required to surrender yourself to the custody of an institution without doing anything wrong.
1st Amendment, (Freedom of Speech) Can only speak when spoken to, told what to speak about, and punished for criticizing the controllers.
13th Amendment (no involuntary servitude) punished for refusing to do the work assigned to you.
5th Amendment (due process) Punished without proof of any wrongdoing.
5th Amendment (right to remain silent) when interrogated for anything you are to confess, snitch, or be punished.
4th Amendment (right to privacy) your possessions and person are subject to search at anytime, also being forced against your will to get injected with vaccines before being able to attend public schools.        The similarities between Schools and Prisons are also clear, taking attendance/prison count, being confined inside a building for a long period of time. A Principal and a Warden, and prison guard and a teacher, students and inmates being allowed outside for a short amount of time per day and both looking at a clock or calendar awaiting the time when they are released.  Also being subjected to swear upon an authoritarian regime by the use of the ritualistic subservient pledge of allegiance that was written up by a Socialist by the name of Francis Bellamy to condition the youth to nationalism. Failure to comply with this salute can lead to being punished, another rights violation, Freedom of Expression .   Sheldon Richman, of the Future of Freedom Foundation, explains it this way:
”Many of us grow up believing that government reflects the will of the people. But skeptics know better. Government has assumed more and more control over private life not because the people demanded it, but because power-seekers and privilege-seekers sought outlets for their ambitions. They then propagandized the public until a sufficient number of people came to believe government control was good for them.”

Author Karen DeCoster explains “What is most disquieting about the public education mindset is that those who believe most strongly in it are convinced that there are “no other” noble alternatives, and that the alternatives that do exist are merely a hindrance to the only real education, that which is provided via the public domain.” The growing Homeschool movement is an excellent alternative to this madness, having the freedom and full reign to teach your precious siblings, what, when, and where you want to. Homeschooling is highly successful because the student uses his or her individual approach to find solutions and to learn at their own pace as well as figure things out for themselves rather than just accepting what a teacher says. The freedom to come and go as a family with no restrictions is a luxury lost when the kids are subjected to the four-walled confines of a state-run facility.
We’re aware that there are a number of dedicated and determined teachers with a great work ethic who are employed under this undermined education program. Some can even inspire students and give them a great boost of knowledge, the educators that can achieve this are even more commendable, because it’s performed under a system founded with strict authoritarian principles and goals. Tyranny can not exist when the people are taught their Rights and how to be Free with the focus on individual liberty, without these specific teachings, tyranny thrives. The productive and successful installation of the Prussian System has effectively taught humans to passively accept being taxed, extorted, questioned, surveilled, searched, detained, jailed, and even killed all in the name of authority.

Dr. Stanley Milgram  stated that “With numbing regularity good people were seen to knuckle under the demands of authority and perform actions that were callous and severe. A substantial proportion of people do what they are told to do, irrespective of the content of the act and without limitations of conscience, so long as they perceive that the command comes from a legitimate authority”.          Life long Educator,John Gatto published, “The Underground History of American Education,” a description of how the Prussian education system came to America.
Gatto stated “A small number of passionate ideological leaders visited Prussia in the first half of the 19th Century, fell in love with the order, obedience, and efficiency of its educational system and campaigned relentlessly thereafter to bring the Prussian vision to our shores. To do that, children would have to be removed from their parents and inappropriate cultural influences.”  One time teacher of the year in New York  has also authored  ‘Weapons of Mass Instruction’ and ‘Dumbing us Down’. His essay titled ‘Against School’ can be read here.      There  are  millions of parents around the world that are completely unaware of the modes, methods and curriculum, that their children are subject to for the most knowledge absorbing years of their children’s lives.

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